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4 ply is four times better

In most cases ply refers to weight or thickness. The higher the ply the bigger, heavier or more durable the product becomes. There are several different 4 ply products on the market today. See how the increase in ply has improved their effectiveness.

Cashmere is a very soft wool yarn spun from goats’ hair living in the Kashmir region. This yarn has been turned into exquisite fabric from the Mesopotamia era to today. A ply refers to the number of strands of the yarn. For example, 4 ply would be spun with 4 strands of cashmere. The more plies of yarn, the heavier the resulting fabric. Four ply cashmere is lightweight and soft. It is ideal for baby clothes, scarves and casual sweaters.

Four ply cotton results in a delicate, yet durable thread. It is soft, lightweight and 100% cotton. This is considered a fine-gauge cotton. The preferred knitting needle for this weight is 2-3 using seven stitches per inch. This cotton is machine washable and ideal for summer throws. In addition, many popular mop heads are made from 4 ply cotton for its superior absorbability.

Silk is usually considered a very light material. However, 4 ply silk is actually extremely heavy. It is idea for formal evening wear or bridal dresses. The heavier material holds structure better and also works well for suits. However, be forewarned four ply silk is a luxurious fabric with a couture price.

Ply refers to weight. Instead of ply, many fabric or yar stores use the word worsted. It means the same thing, the number of strands used to make the yarn. For example a 4 ply or Worsted 4 yarn is composed of four smaller stands of the thread spun together. Four ply yarn is traditionally used for crochet projects and can be found in a plethora of different price ranges. Be sure to consider the pattern recommendations when choosing a yarn ply.

Toilet Paper
For individuals looking to splurge on a little luxury, consider purchasing 4 ply toilet paper. Originally, bathroom tissue was made of 1 ply. Since it was only a single sheet, the paper was coarser. Over the years, toilet paper manufacturers responded to customer complaints by creating a 2 ply toilet paper. In many cases, it would actually separate a little as it came off the roll. In this day of bigger is better, 3 and 4 ply toilet paper is now available. However, the price of toilet paper is directly related to the number of plies. A 4 ply paper is going to be substantially more than a 1 ply; although the trade off may be worth it.

Mat Board
Mat Board is used inside a picture frame and provides a boarder for the photograph or picture. The overwhelming majority of mat board sold in the United States is 4 ply. The thickness of four ply mat board is 1/16”. For additional thickness, consider using double mat boards. This will result in a 1/8” thickness and a more dramatic effect.

In tires, ply refers to the number of layers of nylon. A ply rating is always an even number. The higher the ply, the more durable the tire; obviously it is more difficult to puncture a thicker surface. Unfortunately, with the good comes some bad; 4 ply tires usually cost more money than 2 ply. However, in the long run they are more cost effective.

Other 4 Ply Products
A variety of other products are available with a 4 ply rating. There are four ply sponges; ice packs, tattoo stencil paper and hoses, just to name a few. The possibilities go on “four”ever.